Peptide Microarrays Services

A peptide microarray, also referred to as a peptide chip, is a collection of various amino acid sequences arranged on a solid support in a spot array format. Each spot of the microarray represents a multitude of identical peptides, whereas various spots generally contain different peptides. The amino acid sequence in each spot is defined during peptide microarray fabrication, while the information on their spatial allocation constitutes a molecular library of a given peptide microarray. Since the molecules are covalently bound the substrate, a parallel highthroughput screening of their chemical, biological, or functional activity becomes possible

Custom libraries in 200K format

Each microarray contains a custom library of peptides with a length of up to 15 amino acids, synthesized directly on a functionalized solid support. Custom peptide microarrays are available in formats up to 200K features to match the scope of your specific application.

Diverse chemistry for intelligent results

We offer a broad range of modifications, including cyclized peptides, various posttranslational modifications and unnatural amino acids. This newfound chemical diversity allows you to conquer new scientific grounds.

High-performance. Low-maintenance

Cutting edge synthesis chemistry ensures unambiguous image acquisition and reliable data analysis. A microwell density of 15k/cm2 enables generation of up to 200 000 peptides on a standard 75 mm x 25 mm (3 in x 1 in) glass slide. Due to such a high-throughput synthesis our microarrays are cost-effective, which makes them for the first time available to a broad range of researchers.

Convenient to implement

We strive to make our products convenient to implement in your daily research routine. Our custom peptide microarrays are compatible with standard incubation chambers and fluorescence scanners with recommended resolution of 5 μm/pixel and better. On request we provide comprehensive data analysis tailored to your specific project.

German quality, unmatched affordibility

Peptide Microarrays are created in lab in Germany where our focus and commitment with quality is guaranteed. We also assure you the cost and affordability. Just reach out with your very short requirement and we will take it forward.

We serve both kinds of customers


Nonstandard applications with moderate budget.

Big Pharma

Longer initialization with standard tasks


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