Marketing Strategy

If you have a product or solution, you have right to be heard & known. We would not only help you uniquely establish your brand, we would also assist you with your complete marketing strategy and sales approach. We could also connect you with a partner with whom business truly means “Profit for all, growth together”.

B2B Matching

Get in touch with service providers and experts abroad

  • We help in B2B matching for buyers and suppliers in the Medtec, Biotech and pharmaceutical industry.
  • We help establish collaborations and build sustainable competitive advantage through proper capability building and resources allocation requiring careful consideration and vigilance.
  • We help to solve complex business challenges faced by healthcare organizations globally.
  • We integrate our expertise and knowledge from a technical, clinical, regulatory and business perspective to provide strategic and tactical insights.
  • In this journey of globalization we encourage you to expand your business and establish more international collaborations.
  • We help you find the right partner or service provider contact us.

Strategic Assessment

Delivering new intelligence, perspectives and analysis on trends affecting all corners of the lifescience and medtech industries.

  • We act as an extension of your team and supplement your localisation.
  • Co-Development Partnerships
  • Business Development, Supply Chain, and Distribution Strategy
  • New Market Entry Strategy

Market Intelligence

Providing crucial insights for :

  • Decision making by doing Business/ Market Research
  • Competitive Landscape Assessments
  • Technology innovations & trends analysis
  • Market attractiveness assessment
  • Competitor due diligence
  • Tactical research (geopolitical, socioeconomic)
  • Price Discovery Research
  • Opportunities Identification Reports
  • Analysis of Portfolio

Key MARKETING Checklist​