Local Representation

Representing 'You', for 'You'

Representing 'You', for 'You'


Finding the right target group to choose the right trade fairs

  1. Do I meet existing & potential customers and is the trade fair established?
  2. Could I possibly find partners and investors
  3. Could I expect to find new ideas and get a feedback to help me with my product development

We would help you with:

  1. Booking and assembly the right space for Fair including layout and design
  2. Arranging and Training prefect fair representatives
  3. Arrange all fair materials, handouts etc

We would help you with:

  1. Complete fair plan
  2. Demo run with hand out materials

We would conduct complete fair duration with:

  1. Conducting demo of your product or services
  2. Engaging with potential customers to provide details about your product or services
  3. Collecting contacts for potential customers and storing with more details for follow up

A trade fair is a new door of opportunities open and not a closure so we would gladly help you with post fair analysis and follow up with every lead generated.


We can represent your company in any meeting or discussions


We can be point of contact in multiple country for you. In this way you do not have to care for any overhead and you could conduct businesses across the globe.