– Smart, Intelligent & Complete tool for SMEs: From lead generation, data management, Invoicing, Follow-up & much more..

Manage all your customers, suppliers & leads at one place, shared among your teams or entire company.

Integrated e-campaign workflow management and tied together with your customer data to keep your focus straight.

Simple & complete invoice management with defined KPIs & detailed analytics. Integrated view & smart actions to reduce clicks.

Over 9 KPIs for measurement and improvement goals. Smart usages of AI packets to help you do better & continuous improvements.

Digital Solutions
Base to transformation

In current business market one can not imagine writing success stories without going digital, being digital. Start exploring & transforming by taking advantage of innovations around you. Reach to us and let’s explore together how you can benefit from business development opportunities around you.

Integrated Accounts, coordinated progress

  1. Most unique way to manage all your email accounts & campaigns for each customer.
  2.  You can freely choose & configure which all account you want to work together

Campaign Management

  1. Maintain your campaigns and gets a clear overview of analysis per customers or companies.
  2. Most unique way to manage all your email accounts & campaigns for each customer.
  3. You get a complete landscape without multiple clicks and multiple tools. All at one place for a selected or all customers for best overview.
  4. Smart filter to find all related emails for a given company

Dashboard & KPIs

  1. Over 9 types of charts in one view
  2. Filter by date range
  3. All charts are responsive as well reactive to base filter

Invoice Management

  1. Overview of all invoices for selected company or customer
  2. Automatic calculations for accuracy & time saving
  3. Attractive PDF ready to be sent to customer
  4. Easy categorization e.g. type of invoices (Proposal/ Actual), status (Paid/Unpaid) etc.
  5. Overview of monthly invoice summary on different criterias
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Reminder & Notification

  1. Get notifications either set by you, you team or from AI algorithms so that you could stay remain on top of your important tasks.
  2. Once purpose of a notification is completed, you can confirm so that it is not shown again all with minimum clicks, without navigating away.

Smart Export & Import of DATA

  1. Import Customer data from MS Excel
  2. Import Campaign data from MS Excel
  3. Export filtered data to excel
  4. Export detail company profile to PDF
  5. Export one or combined multiple invoices in PDF format
  6. Manage all attachments for customer easily
  7. Smart merging of data in case of imports


A time tracking of:

  1. Invoices
  2. Company data
  3. Emails
  4. Notifications
  5. Reminders
  6. Campaigns
  7. Users
  8. Accounts
  9. System & etc.

Got a question?
Tech details or Data Migration?

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Data migration & support

We help you to migrate your data to new system so that you start with your own set of data and could immediately start getting benefit from application.
Our experts could also generate leads depending on your business areas.

Data Protection & Security

We will install our solution to your own server which will be completely managed and maintained by your existing setup so that you could eliminate any possibility for data leakage and avoid system hacking.

Always reachable

No matter how busy our days & weeks are planned, no matter how many parallel project we are executing, we are always there to listen and help. We are a partner you could trust as your own.

Demo & Pricing

Our solution is affordable for all size of businesses. Our goal and motivation is to make business development fun and transparent for individual, team and management. Just contact us with your requirement so that we could prepare you a demo for you to evaluate our solution.